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A black tunic style long singlet top featuring the NSD 360 design in gold and white

A gorgeous longer tee, printed with the NSD 360 design on the front. The tee is available in black, and the design is white, and either blue, pink or metallic gold. This tee has a rounded neck, and is sleeveless, with a straight hemline. 50% combed organic cotton, and 50% Tensell, which makes this tee lovely and soft to wear. These tees are made in production facilities that comply with Fair Wear Code of Labour practices, and are powered by green renewable energy. Sizing:


  • XS - 43cm body width, 69.5cm body length
  • S - 45.5cm body width, 71cm body length
  • M - 48cm body width, 73.5cm body length
  • L - 50.5cm body width, 75.5cm body length
  • XL - 53cm body width, 77.5cm body length
  • 2XL - 55.5cm body width, 79.5cm body length


The model (ha ha) is 5'3 inches on a good day - so a bit on the short side.


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