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Dancing is fun - especially when you LOVE the MUSIC and the MOVES.

Never Stop Dancing offers 4 dance fitness classes per week in central Wellington.  NSD ONLINE classes are also available 24/7, anywhere in the world.  



In any NSD class, you can expect to hear music you love - that's great to dance to ... the latest bangers, movie hits, 80s, disco, 90s, hip hop, pop/rock, country, guilty pleasures ... the list goes on.  



You can also expect moves that are easy-to-master, and really fun to do. 


But don't let that word "fun" fool you ... you'll certainly sweat ... as well as smile ... a lot :). 


Finally, you can expect to feel welcome, and to connect with FRIENDLY people.  We all share a love of dancing and a desire to be fit and healthy :).

Never Stop Dancing class in Wellington

ABOUT virginia keast

Hi there, my name is Virginia Keast, and I am the founder of Never Stop Dancing.  Here is my story :).


25 years ago, in the late 80s / early 90s, I used to teach aerobics (after years of jazz dance), and loved it.  But then life kind of got in the way, and I stopped dancing to do the usual things: study (law and english) … work (as a lawyer) … travel … marry … start a family etc.  Then in 2011, I walked into a local Zumba class, and suddenly something buried deep inside me woke up :) :) .


In March 2014, I started Virginia Keast Zumba.  By the beginning of 2016, Virginia Keast Zumba was really humming.  Over time I had introduced more variety of music and moves into my classes … my class participants loved it … and so did I.

So in September 2016, I launched Never Stop Dancing.  I wanted to create classes where anyone could come along, dance to music they love, in a friendly environment, with genuinely fun moves, and work up a sweat in the process.  My classes definitely achieve this, and I am very proud of what we have created at NSD.  Come and give it a try ... your first class is free ... I'm sure you'll love it!! 



Hi NSDivas!  I'm Rebekah - but you can call me Bek.  I started NSD a few years back and can't get enough.  Virginia and her classes reignited my passion for dance and I'm totally hooked again!  I choreograph some of the fun NSD tracks that we do in class.  I also teach NSD classes from time to time, and I dance in NSD YouTube videos.

As a kid I took Ballet and Jazz until my late teens and spent a lot of time teaching Israeli folk dancing to my peers and kids in a youth group I was involved in.

Nowdays you'll find me on the NSD dance floor ... well any dance floor really.  Aside from that I'm totally in love with my dog, Kobe (who has made the occasional appearance outside classes), and I love spending time with good friends, watching great movies and trashy tv :).

See you on the dance floor xx  

Rebekah E from Never Stop Dancing

the nsd video stars

Introducing the NSD Video Stars!

These amazing women star in the NSD YouTube videos. This photo was taken at the end of a long 6 hour day of videoing, and yet they are all still smiling. To see them in action, just click below:

The stars of the Never Stop Dancing Youtube channel

the nsd legends

Since the end of 2019, NSD has recognised 19 amazing women, who have attended more than 400 NSD classes since we launched in 2016. These women have not only danced their socks off during the last 6 years, but they have also bought numerous friends along to class, performed as part of NSD Elevation, embraced online classes and just been all round wonderful people in my classes. These women have all definitely earned the title: NSD LEGEND! 


NSD Legends receive a special gold star NSD tank/tee that cannot be bought ... it can only be earned. 

In 2022, we introduced the new LEGEND AMONG LEGENDS status, which is only awarded to those who are double Legends (ie, they have attended 800 NSD classes) ... these amazing women (only 3 so far) get a special gold pin.


Who will reach NSD Legend status in 2023?

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