NSDiva Tank

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A gorgeous black sleeveless tank top, printed with the NSD logo (created by the very talented Stephen Boggs). This tank has a round neck, and is slightly longer at the back than the front. 50% cotton and 50% modal. Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage.  Sizing:


  • XSM - 42.5cm body width, 65cm body length
  • SM - 45cm body width, 67.5cm body length
  • M - 47.5cm body width, 70cm body length
  • LG - 50cm body width, 72.5cm body length


Leggings, shoes (and wrinkles) are all my own, and are not included :). The model (ha ha) is 5'3 inches on a good day - so a bit on the short side :). 

NSDiva Tank

    Virginia Keast
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