NSD Online is not a "big box", impersonal dance fitness platform ... and these classes do not feature perfect fitness goddesses sporting 6-pack abs :D. Rather, NSD Online classes were developed by me (Virginia) during the Covid lockdown, based on the in-person dance fitness classes I teach here in Wellington, New Zealand. The classes proved so popular, with people all around the globe, that I have decided to make them a permanent part of the NSD timetable.


An NSD Online classic dance fitness class will be approximately 40 minutes long plus 1 or 2 bonus toning tracks. Each class starts with a couple of warm-ups, and then the tracks alternate between higher and lower intensity to increase the fitness benefits for you.  Each class finishes with at least one cool down / stretch routine.

THE MUSIC: It is all about music that is great to dance to, with lots of variety: 80s pop, Disco, 90s Hip Hop, Latest Hits, Rock, Country, EDM, Latin, Bollywood ... the list goes on :).  You will probably know (and love) most of the songs we dance to.


THE MOVES: The moves and the music must work together.  When I choreograph routines, I pay close attention to the style of music, the genre, and the lyrics.  That way the moves really fit with the song.  I include lots of different dance styles and steps in my classes.  But I make sure the moves I use are fun, safe and easy-to-master.  Absolute beginners love the joy and satisfaction that comes with mastering new steps.  And those who have done dance or dance fitness before love the variety of styles and moves they get to experience in every class.


THE FITNESS: Don't let the word "fun" fool you ... you will sweat ... a lot.  But when you love the song, and you love the moves, then you will give it all you've got :).  The improvements in your fitness, strength and wellbeing will simply follow ... easy :).   Life is too short to do boring or repetitive exercise. 

There are 4 easy steps to book a NSD Online class:

  1. Choose: pick the NSD Online class you would like to do. Each week, there are usually 2 or 3 new classes available to choose from.

  2. Book: click on the booking button that applies to you, for the class you have chosen:​​

- FIRST CLASS FREE if this is your household's first NSD Online class;​

- CREDIT CARD / PAYPAL (1 CLASS ONLY) if you have had your first free class, and wish to pay for 1 class;

- USE MY NSD PASS (ONLINE OR FLEXI) if you have an existing NSD Flexi pass or an NSD Online pass;

- BUY 5 OR 10 CLASS PASS (& BOOK 1 CLASS) if you wish to buy an Online pass, and use 1 visit for the class.

3. Follow instructions: just follow the simple instructions, eg, fill out a short form if it is your first free class, or complete secure credit card information for subsequent classes etc.

4. Dance: you will receive a confirmation email, with the URL for the class you have booked. Just click on the link in the email, and the class will play in full HD, with great sound quality, on any device that can play YouTube videos (or any device that can have YouTube videos cast to it). Each class is available for 7-days from the time it first goes live. Dance, dance, dance!

There are 2 or 3 new NSD Online class each week. The new classes becomes available at 9am every Saturday (NZ time).
Each class is available for 7-days. You can book a class any time during that 7-day period. Once you have booked a class, you can dance when it suits you, and you can do the class as many times as you like (with anyone in your household) before it expires. Some people like to do a class once ... others like to book a class as soon as it is available and do that class every day until it expires ... it is totally up to you.

*If you live outside of New Zealand, then the start time will be different, and may even be the day before. 9am on Saturday morning NZ time is: 10pm on Friday in London, 2pm on Friday in Los Angeles, 5pm on Friday in New York, 7am Saturday in Sydney (click on the "check your start time" button below to see the start time in other time zones).  Because each class is available for 7-days, there is plenty of time to do the class (more than once if you wish), no matter where you live.


Each NSD Online class is available for 7-days from the date it first becomes available, so there is plenty of time to do the class (mulitiple times if you wish) no matter what time zone you live in. There are 2 or 3 new classes available every Saturday at 9am (NZ time).

Your household's first NSD Online class is FREE.

After your first class, you can choose to pay NZ$10* per class by credit card or paypal. Or, you can purchase a NSD Online Only Pass (for Online classes) or a NSD Flexi Pass (Online and In-Person classes). Passes can be purchased here.


*NZ$10 is approximately equal to US$7.00, or AU$9.30, or EU$6.00, or GB£5.00.

NSD Online classes are pre-recorded. Pre-recording the class means the video and audio quality are excellent, and avoids the technical, time zone, and music licensing issues that can arise with live streaming.  

Yes, you can view an NSD Online class (in full HD, with excellent sound quality) on any device that can play YouTube videos, or any device that can have YouTube videos cast to it.  

Yes. NSD Online classes are here to stay ... yippee!