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Most NSD classes are dance fitness classes.  I have given each class a nickname (eg, "Wake Me Up") to capture the mood of each class.  Each class starts with a couple of warm-ups, and then the tracks alternate between higher and lower intensity to increase the fitness benefits for you.  Each class finishes with at least one cool down / stretch routine.


The routines we do have:

> fun and easy-to-master dance moves that fit with the music in a really satisfying way;  

> fitness elements that work the cardiovascular system; and

> fitness elements that target particular muscle groups. 

THE MUSIC: It is all about music that is great to dance to, with lots of variety: 80s pop, Disco, 90s Hip Hop, Latest Hits, Rock, Country, EDM, Latin, Bollywood ... the list goes on :).  You will probably know (and love) most of the songs we dance to.


THE MOVES: The moves and the music must work together.  When I choreograph routines, I pay close attention to the style of music, the genre, and the lyrics.  That way the moves really fit with the song.  I include lots of different dance styles and steps in my classes.  But I make sure the moves I use are fun, safe and easy-to-master.  Absolute beginners love the joy and satisfaction that comes with mastering new steps.  And those who have done dance or dance fitness before love the variety of styles and moves they get to experience in every class.


THE FITNESS: Don't let the word "fun" fool you ... you will sweat in my classes ... a lot.  But when you love the song, and you love the moves, and you feel welcome and relaxed, then you will give it all you've got :).  The improvements in your fitness, strength and wellbeing will simply follow ... easy :).   Life is too short to do boring or repetitive exercise. 


There are lots of reasons to try a Never Stop Dancing class - here are just a few:

Great music 

If it doesn't make you feel like dancing ... and singing along ... it won't make it on to my playlist.



My classes include lots of fun and variety of music and moves ... you will be amazed how easily you can master them all.    



No memberships, no booking, no commitment to a particular time slot or block of classes.  Just come to a class when it suits you ... dance your socks off ... leave the class sweaty and smiling ... come again when it suits you next ... easy.  My classes are all very central, and I have morning, evening and weekend classes, so there's an option for everyone.



The choreography in my classes is fun, safe, and easy-to-master.  You don't need to have done dance or dance fitness before.  But if you've danced before, you'll love the variety.



My classes are held in central Wellington, so they're full of people of all ages and occupations and interests - people who share a love of dancing and music.  Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.


My classes will definitely improve your fitness, strength and general wellbeing.  My classes include tracks intended to tone and sculpt particular muscle groups.  And my routines will work your cardiovascular system and get you sweating, plus they include a fair bit of wiggle and giggle ... which is lots of fun ... but also fantastic for building core strength, flexibility and stability. 

You Time 

Stop worrying about your boss, staff, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or things you 'should do'.  My classes are a chance to just focus on YOU, while doing something that's fun, healthy, puts a spring in your step and a smile on your dial.  By the end of class, the worries and stresses of your day will be a distant memory.

And remember your first class is free :)  Contact me ...


There is 1 NSD Tone & Stretch class every week, on Wednesday, 9:30am, at Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba St.  An NSD Tone & Stretch class includes some dance fitness tracks, but also includes routines designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone our bodies.  The class will include routines targeted at improving muscle tone in the arms, core, abs, legs and butt, as well as a lovely long stretch at the end to improve flexibility and help us relax. The Tone & Stretch class is a lovely compliment to NSD dance fitness classes, or it can stand alone.  After your first Tone & Stretch class, you will need to bring your own yoga mat to class. 


The lovely Ellen Bates (who was teaching the NSD Kids' classes) has followed her heart and moved to Blenheim.  So, I am currently on the look out for a new dance teacher.  Unfortunately this means there will be no NSD Kids' classes until further notice.


The lovely Ellen Bates (who was teaching the NSD Teen' classes) has followed her heart and moved to Blenheim. So, I am currently on the look out for a new dance teacher. Unfortunately this means there will be no NSD Teens' classes until further notice.


My detailed timetable can be found here.  In summary, Never Stop Dancing runs 6 regular classes for adults every week in Wellington, as follows:

MONDAY MORNING: Dance Fitness, 9.30 - 10.30am, Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba St


MONDAY EVENING: Dance Fitness, 6.30 - 7.30pm, Mt Cook School Gym, Tory St


WEDNESDAY MORNING: Tone & Stretch, 9.30 - 10.30am, Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba St


THURSDAY EVENING: Dance Fitness, 6.15 - 7.15pm, Mt Cook School Gym, Tory St


FRIDAY MORNING: Dance Fitness, 9.30 - 10.30am, Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba St


SUNDAY MORNING: Dance Fitness, 10.00 - 11.00am, Mt Cook School Gym, Tory St


Details, photos  and Google Maps directions for all my venues can be found here.  Briefly, Never Stop Dancing classes are held at 4 central Wellington venues / studios:

MT COOK SCHOOL GYM, 160 Tory St, Wellington: Mon 6.30 - 7.30pm, Thu 6.15 - 7.15pm, Sun 10:00 - 11:00am


> THISTLE HALL, Upstairs, 293 Cuba Street, Te Aro: Mon, Wed, and Fri 9.30 - 10.30am

TE WHAEA: NZ SCHOOL OF DANCE, 11 Hutchison Rd, Mt Cook / Newtown, Wellington: Reserve Venue Only


Wear clothing that you are comfortable in and that you can move in.  Wear layers, so you can remove clothing as you warm up.  The best shoes (read my blog posts below about footwear/insoles) are aerobics shoes or cross-trainers – shoes that will support your feet, but are also light and flexible, and will allow you to move, turn and spin.  Bring a yoga mat for all Tone & Stretch classes.


You should bring a drink, maybe a small towel and your smile (essential). ​



Never Stop Dancing Blog Post - Best Shoes for Dance Fitness


Never Stop Dancing Blog Post - Best Insoles for Dance Fitness

Your first class is always free.  Come along and try a class at no cost, and see whether you'd like to come again ... easy. 


After your first free class, the cost for adults is:

> Casual classes: $18 per class, or for a cheaper and more convenient option, you can buy a multi-trip NSD Flexi Pass (no expiry):


> 5-Trip Flexi Pass: $80 ($16 per class - available to buy here or in class)


> 10-Trip Flexi Pass: $140 ($14 per class - available to buy here or in class)


> 20-Trip Flexi Pass: $220 ($11 per class - available to buy here or in class)

> 30-Trip Flexi Pass: $320 ($10.66 per class - available to buy here or in class)


> 1-Month Unlimited Pass: $145 (as many classes as you like in one calendar month starting on any date in the month - available to buy here or in class)

Student/gold/community service rates are available on request - contact me to find out the details.


Online here or see me before or after class. 


You can pay for a casual class, or a NSD Flexi Pass, or a NSD Gift Card (for a friend), in person before or after class.  

I can accept and process everything on-the-spot: eftpos, credit card, cash or cheque.



Or you can purchase a NSD Flexi Pass, or NSD Gift Card (for a friend), online with a credit card here.


For every class the studio space is booked for 1 hour.  But the class will usually finish 5 minutes early, just to give time for everyone to collect their things and have a chat.


Thistle Hall (weekday morning classes)

There is lots of 2 hour free coupon parking (you don't need a coupon unless you stay longer than 2 hours) in the streets around Thistle Hall.  There is also 60min free parking on the laneway on Arthur St that leads up to Thistle Hall. To watch a video setting out parking options around Thistle Hall, just click here.

Mt Cook School Gym (Monday evening, Thursday evening, and Sunday morning classes)

There is lots of free parking available on Tasman St, and in and around the new Pukeahu War Memorial Park (see images below). The area is bustling and well-lit in the evenings too, so walking to your car is very safe.


Te Whaea: NZ School of Dance (Reserve venue only)

There is plenty of free parking right outside at the venue.


When you come to your first Never Stop Dancing class I will ask you to fill in a very simple New Customer form.  This is simply to record your name and basic contact details, in case you decide to keep coming to class. The form also asks how you heard about my classes, so I can see what is working from a marketing perspective.

After your first free class, you need to sign in at every Never Stop Dancing class you attend.  Signing in just involves typing your name into a tablet near the door.  If you buy a NSD Flexi Pass, then this will be loaded against your name, and you will see your updated balance each time you sign in.


Yes!  I'm available for private tuition, or to inject some dancing and/or fitness fun to a birthday, hen's night, wedding or corporate event.  I'm also happy to discuss dance fitness fundraisers for worthwhile causes.  Contact me here if you are interested.

Virginia Keast
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