The revised Never Stop Dancing Covid-19 Safety Plan for operating at Delta Level 2 is set out below. This plan has been developed following guidelines from the Exercise Association of New Zealand. Click here for a copy of the 1-page NSD Delta Level 2 Safety Rules.

physical distancing - 2 METRES

All participants in an NSD "in person" class must maintain a physical distance of 2 metres between them and any other person, at all times. This requirement applies to the class itself, and to any queues to enter a class, or any queues at bathrooms.


Classes at Thistle Hall will not be running under Delta Level 2. The cap for classes at Mt Cook School Hall will be 50 people. All participants will need to reserve their spot in class ahead of time.


Face masks do not need to be worn when participants are dancing. But, all participants in an NSD "in person" class must wear an appropriate face mask at all other times, including: when queueing at the door, when at the sign-in table, when visiting the bathrooms, and immediately before the class starts and ends. Disposable masks will be available if you do not have your own.


Bathrooms and toilets, and common surfaces like door handles, will be cleaned before and after every class.


Hand sanitizer will be dispensed to all participants upon entry and exit of any NSD venue.


Class sign-ins and new customer forms will be completed by an NSD staff member (to avoid contamination of tablets, pens, clipboards etc). In-class payments can only be made by paywave enabled credit cards. Cash will not be accepted, and customers will not be able to touch the Fastpay/eft-pos keypad.

Equipment or props (yoga mats, pom poms etc) will not be used at any NSD class.


If participants wish to drink water during the class, they need to bring their own, already filled, drink bottle. Participants should bring their own small towel to every class. All participants should wash their hands thoroughly before coming to class, and after visiting the toilets, and should sneeze into their elbows/masks.

NSD venues will be fully ventilated via windows, and doors (weather permitting). Participants should dress for a fully ventilated venue.


All participants must scan the QR code provided, using the NZ Govt contact tracer app. NSD will also record every person who attends an NSD "in person" class using the existing NSD sign-in system. All new customers or visitors must provide full contact information. Any new customer or visitor who is unwilling to provide contact information will not be permitted to enter an NSD class/venue. If your contact details may have changed since you initially provided contact information to NSD, please fill out the form below. To find out how NSD deals with your personal information, please see the NSD privacy statement here.



Any person showing signs of illness will not be permitted to enter an NSD "in person" class or venue.


If you:

  • feel unwell (even just a little bit); or

  • have recently had Covid-19; or

  • were at a recent location of interest at the relevant time; or

  • suspect you may have had contact with a person with Covid-19;

please do not come to class until you can show that you have had a negative result from a Day 5 Covid test.


Participants with pre-existing health issues, or those over 70 years of age, can attend NSD classes at their own risk. Participants who are concerned about the risks associated with "in person" classes, are encouraged to participate in NSD Online classes instead.