The revised Never Stop Dancing Covid-19 Safety Plan for operating under the Covid 19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System) is set out below. This plan has been developed following guidelines from the Exercise Association of New Zealand. 


From Friday 3 December 2021, the new Covid 19 Protection Framework (the traffic light rules) will apply at all in-person Never Stop Dancing classes. This will help keep us all safe, and allow us to dance together. Of course, NSD Online classes are open to all, any time, anywhere. 


From Friday 3 December, you can only attend an NSD in-person class if you can show a valid “My Vaccine Pass”, either stored electronically on your phone, or as a print out. You may also need to show photo ID. To obtain a Vaccine Pass, go to: mycovidrecord.health.nz

Before that date, you need to download, or print out, your “My Vaccine Pass”, so that we can scan your QR code. If you need help with this, please let me know ahead of time.

We can start recording that people have valid passes from Thursday 25 November 2021. So, if you have a Vaccine Pass, and you are happy for NSD to record that fact, then bring it along next time you come to class. NSD’s Privacy Policy applies to all information held by NSD, including vaccination status. If you don’t want us to store this info, we can just scan your “My Vaccine Pass” at each visit.


From Friday 3 December, depending on which Traffic Light setting applies in Wellington, the following rules apply to NSD in-person classes:

ALL Traffic Light Settings:

-If you are unwell, or may have been exposed to Covid 19, please do not come to class until you have fully recovered or had a negative result for a day-5 Covid test

-You must have a valid “My Vaccine Pass” to attend

-You still need to wear a face mask up until the dancing starts, and after the dancing finishes

-You still need to scan the venue QR code, and NSD will also keep attendance records as per usual

-New customers will need to provide full contact details

Traffic Light GREEN:

-No need to book to come to class … just come along

-No class size limits … yippee

-We will still sign you in, just to ensure everyone is vaccinated

Traffic Light ORANGE:

-No need to book to come to class … just come along

-No class size limits … yippee

-We will still sign you in, just to ensure everyone is vaccinated

-You are encouraged to keep a 1m distance between you and others

Traffic Light RED:

-You will need to book here before you come to class

-Class limits will apply based on 1m distancing

-We will sign you in before class, and payments should be contactless

-You are encouraged to keep a 1m distance between you and others


All participants must scan the QR code provided, using the NZ Govt contact tracer app. NSD will also record every person who attends an NSD "in person" class using the existing NSD sign-in system. All new customers or visitors must provide full contact information. If your contact details may have changed since you initially provided contact information to NSD, please fill out the form below. To find out how NSD deals with your personal information, please see the NSD privacy statement here.


ILLNESS, exposure, VULNERABILITY, not vaxed

If you:

-feel unwell (even just a little bit); or

-have recently had Covid-19; or

-were at a recent location of interest at the relevant time; or

-suspect you may have had contact with a person with Covid-19;

please do not come to class until you can show that you have had a negative result from a Day 5 Covid test.


 Participants who are concerned about the risks associated with "in person" classes, or participants who have chosen not to be vaccinated, are very welcome to participate in NSD Online classes instead. If you wish to have an NSD Flexi Pass converted to an NSD Online Only Pass (online is cheaper per class), or if you wish to obtain a refund on your NSD Flexi Pass, please feel free to get in touch ... just click on the Contact NSD button below.