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CONTACT never stop dancing

Virginia Keast from Never Stop Dancing

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions, or want to know more about Never Stop Dancing's dance fitness classes, or dance classes in Wellington - email, call, text me or message me on Facebook.  

Email: virginia@neverstopdancing.co.nz

Call or Text: 027 640 3595

Facebook: NSD on Facebook

Instagram: NSD on Instagram

YouTube: NSD on YouTube

LinkedIn: Virginia Keast on LinkedIn



At Never Stop Dancing your first class is always free.   

After your first free class, you can come to a class whenever it suits you.  You pay $18 per casual class (pay the instructor at class using cash, eft-pos or credit card), or for a cheaper and more convenient option, you can buy a NSD multi-trip Flexi Pass ... available to buy at class (using cash, eft-pos or credit card) or online here.


If you are keen to try a free class, just follow the easy steps below:

first free class: swipe / click through the steps BELOW:

AFTER YOUR FIRST CLASS: swipe / click through the steps BELOW:


EMAIL never stop dancing ...

Virginia Keast
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Virginia Keast and Never Stop Dancing in the NZ Woman's Weekly
Call me (on the line), call me any, anytime ... 027 640 3595 :)

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